Me as a lucky groom. Photo: Petr Hricko

Me as a lucky father. Photo: Jan Veleta

My name is Jan and I come from Prague. My photography journey began when I married the best woman on the world and when my son was born. I needed to catch every moment of his growth for eternity! Before, when me and my wife were looking for someone who could photograph our wedding, I realised that wedding photography must be the best job. Now I am a wedding photographer... And indeed, I is the best job to me.
   There are many good photographers out there. So why to choose me? Maybe because I will concentrate on your story. In fact, I rather listen to it then tell it. It simply means that I will make your photos being different from all others. No matter how big your wedding is or where it take place. Small village, big city or wild nature...

   Trust me, it will be pure original. And it is how it should be captured. Just take good photos is not enough.

   If you like this words, please do not hesitate to contact me. We can chat or talk via Skype. I will be happy just to give you few advices how to plan the biggest day of your life.